I'm gonna be the daddy of a little...


That's right folks, if there are anyone actually reading this never-updated blog - Libby and I are having a girl sometime around July 7, 2010.

Four weeks ago we went to get a mega-ultrasound from the doctor - but the baby just wasn't cooperating. We had to wait nearly a month to try again. It just about killed Libby every time a friend found out their child's gender or we saw something adorable for a baby at a store but couldn't buy it - not without knowing.

The wait was worth it.

I can barely believe I'm going to be a father, but to think that I'll have a little girl is amazing. See, I've been male my whole life and being responsible to raise a female is a daunting task, one I look forward to with much excitement! I may not love ALL things pink and frilly, but I already love my little pink and frilly girl.

Can't wait to meet you, baby!


My Broadway Review

1) In the Heights
This show lived up to the hype. I love the latin/broadway fusion of the music. The dancing was amazing, especially Will (from SYTYCD) as Graffiti Pete. I fell in love with the characters, i laughed, i cried. What more do you want from a show?

2) West Side Story

Had front row balcony tickets. I've never seen dancing like that. The direction seemed focused more on the staging and dancing (which was amazing) than music and characters. It was a spectacle of dance. Tony wasn't my favorite, Anita was. I usually cry in this show, but I didn't care about the characters this time.

3) Hamlet

I've never been a big Shakespeare guy, but how could we pass up $25 tickets to see Jude Law as Hamlet? He was riveting. The whole cast, really, was incredible. Claudius as played bye Kevin McNally, who plays the old Pirate with the big gray sideburns in the Pirates movies. Got to shake his hand after the show. Very nice guy.

The story was easy to follow. LOVED the stark stage, the lighting, sound, and acting more than made up for the bare staging. Actors didn't have mics - they didn't need them. I loved that.

4) Ordinary Days

This was a very cool experience. Adam Gwon (www.adamgwon.com) wrote the music, and I think, the book - which was small. The black box theater was tiny - only about 5 rows of 10 seats. I was on the front row, inches away from the cast as they sang their hearts out. The story is simple: four people in NY whose lives intertwine in small and big ways. Felt very Jason Robert Brown-ish. I really, really liked it. Got to meet the writer and all 4 actors after the show.

There is NOTHING like Broadway.


Summer Reading

Libby here again. So everyone knows I am a very avid reader. I absolutely adore books and the unknown worlds they have to offer me. Right now I am in my children's literature class which is the perfect class for me. I am required to read great books and discuss them in class which happens to be one of my very favorite things to do. If I could just be a literature teacher I would (I can't teach English because I can't inflict the pain of writing papers on anyone). The class is only 7 weeks long which has kept me busily reading almost everyday. A few books I have read and loved recently are Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan and The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen:

These two books are great reads that I would recommend to anyone of any age. I have also had a huge assignment that I have been working on little by little. My task is to complete a book bibliography of about 40 books in all different categories. My favorite to compile was the old favorites list. I went back to my favorite books from my childhood which are:

If I didn't already have an addiction to books and reading I absolutely do now! My class is nearing completion and I'm actually kind of sad about it. I could do this kind of work forever and never be sad. But I guess that's why I want to be a teacher. Public school here I come!


Summer is finally here!

Hey everyone Libby here. So I know we haven't updated in forever (Thanksgiving was the last time to be exact) but I was really bored today and decided to give blogging another chance.

Right now life is pretty chill for this Tenney household. I am in school right now just to finish up a few credits before I start the education program at UVU this fall. I am loving my children's literature class right now and find myself even more addicted to books than I already was. I am also taking a yoga class that is so hard, but I love the exercise I am getting and the strength I am building. While I am not in school I am sitting at home trying to figure out something to do.

I told Josh that this summer I needed a Seven Peaks pass so I can play with my girlfriends for one more summer before we have kids. So my Seven Peaks addiction should keep me pretty busy this summer! WAHOO! I am so excited to lay in the Lazy River for a few hours each week and work on my tan ha ha ya right! Even though I can't tan I still love to hang at Seven Peaks. My girlfriends from high school got passes with me so we can play all summer long and I can't wait. I hate being alone more than anything and find myself alone most afternoons except for this week. So if anyone is bored and wants to hang, feel free to call me and we can do something grand!

This week I actually had some fun days. To begin the week Steph and I went and hiked Battle Creek Falls which was a blast! On Tuesday Abby came over with Taco Amigo to watch Dancing with the stars, Wednesday was lunch with my girlies from UVU(love you guys!) and Thursday afternoon Steph came over to play the Wii. So I have been keeping myself busy so I don't have to be alone most of the time which has been great.

Anyway, I really love Summertime because of all the fun things I can do outside. I really enjoy going for walks, going running, hiking, camping (yes Josh I said it), going cruisin' with some good country music blaring, getting a sno shack, going to Seven Peaks!, and the many other joys Summer brings.

Life is pretty much normal for us, but it's fun everyday no matter what's going on. I have some fun pictures of things we have been doing recently that I will have to get uploaded when Josh will let me steal his precious camera for a few seconds ;) Well, thanks for reading about my short ramblings :) Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Peace out my peeps!


Thanksgiving Break

Josh here. Thanksgiving break has come and gone, but it was a great one. It's so nice to spend so much time together and with family. Being newlyweds and living close to both sets of parents means 2 turkey dinners, and it was great both times. Plus, we started the morning with a great breakfast up at Justin and Cecily's apartment while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Good times.

Because we knew we wanted to have access to cold turkey after the big day, Libby and I bought our own turkey and roasted it to perfection. We've still got lots of leftovers, so come on over and have some.

Now we've got Christmas & New Year's to look forward too - more time with family, and of course, a trip to Disneyland! Spending New Year's Eve at the Happiest Place on Earth is a great way to start the new year. Last year was the best of my life so far, so I thought we should start it again that way.

Just want everyone to know that I am in love with Libby. She's the greatest wife on the planet, and it was worth going through at least 8 singles wards and 13 years of dating before finding her. She's talented, beautiful, smart, inspirational, loving, giving, and all-around amazing. I love you!


Livin the life of a country rockstar!

So this week I had two concerts which was kind of a lot. I played for about 10 hours within two days and my body didn't handle it too well. But, it was totally worth all the pain!

On Thursday night the UVU symphony got to back up Michael Martin Murphy in concert. For those of you who don't know him, he is an old cowboy that is famous for his awesome country songs. The event took place up in Heber for the Cowboy Poetry Festival that has been going on all week long and I was so excited to go. I had listened to his songs as a little girl with my favorite person, Grandpa Jay. I couldn't wait to actually be a part of Michael Martin Murphy's show!

When we got up to the high school there were cowboys and cowgirls everywhere. It was so cool! Real cowboys and cowgirls, I couldn't believe it. I totally love them and wish I was a cowgirl most days. Anyway...we went straight into rehearsal to do sound checks and all of that fun stuff. When Mr. Murphy walked in I was freaking out. He is the coolest old cowboy I have ever seen. He had an awesome jacket on that had fringe with a faded cowboy hat and a purple handkerchief wrapped around his neck. His cowboy boots even had spurs on them!

He started singing Yellow Rose in Texas, Geronimo's Cadillac, Happy Trails, and so many more awesome country songs. I was so happy because I know my Grandpa Jay was there in spirit. My friend Kelsey and I wanted to take a picture with Michael Martin Murphy just to prove we played with him. When rehearsal ended he started leaving backstage, but I wasn't letting him get away. I wanted that picture! I chased after him and think I scared him when I asked if I could get a picture. He was in a dark corner and didn't see me ;)Despite the scare he was more than happy to take a picture with the two of us. Sadly I didn't have my camera and I have yet to get the picture from Kelsey. I will post it as soon as I get it though.

I started talking to Mr. Murphy about Grandpa Jay and how much he loved cowboy music and poetry. I told him I bet my grandpa would be there in spirit. Well then we went to the barbecue dinner and on my way to the table I ran into my aunt Linda and Grandma Beth! Talk about a little miracle. I got to sit there and tell my grandma all about meeting Michael and how I told him about grandpa. She was so surprised and thought that it was just amazing I met Michael. I was so glad to see her and couldn't even believe they were there when I was.

After I had calmed down for a while it was show time. The auditorium was completely packed and the crowd rowdy. I was so ready for the show of my life. When he started singing the people just screamed so loud and clapped and cheered. I couldn't believe it. I have never have and never will play for a crowd like that again. Man! It really made me wish I was a cowgirl in a band out on the road playing for crowds like that every night. He totally highlighted who we are and said he was so proud of kids that had dedication like we did. I was feeling pretty cool.

When the concert was said and done I was completely happy. There was such a rush that came with an audience that cared about what you were doing. They just loved us and it was so great! That night I got a glimpse of what it would be like playing for crowds and living the life of a performer. Part of me wished I was a great fiddler and could actually do that someday. But, I know that wish won't ever come true. So I'm glad I got my one night of fame as a country rockstar!


My Hott Hubby

I really liked the tag Arica got from her friend so I decided to do it even though I haven't been tagged yet. Bragging about Josh is always fun!

1. Full Name: Joshua David Tenney

2. How long you have been married? 5 1/2 wonderful months :)

3. How long did we date? I fell head over heels for Josh when I met him in the end of June 07 and vowed I would date him. Let's just say two weeks later we were on our first date. We dated for 11 months before we got married. But, if you ask me we are still dating!

4. Who eats the sweets? Josh and I both do. He really loves treats though especially if it contains chocolate. Our favorite thing lately is to go to dinner and take our favorite dessert home to share. Yum!

5. Who said I love you first? I did for sure. I was actually upset with Josh and was planning on breaking up with him during conference weekend last October. We got up to the temple to have a chat and I just couldn't do it. I was talking really fast and telling him why I was upset and I ended up just screaming "I love you dang it!" Ha ha

6. Who's taller? Josh

7. Who sings better? Josh sings better hands down. I absolutely love his voice, it always makes me melt when he sings. I get butterflies and my insides get all fluttery. His voice is one thing that made me fall in love with him.

8. Who is smarter? Josh is smarter than I am. That is only expected though when my husband is 13 years older than me with lots more life experience and education.

9. Who does the laundry? I usually do the laundry most of the time. I really like to do laundry actually (I'm sure that will change with kids). Josh does help do the laundry when I need him too though.

10. Who pays the bills? Josh takes care of the bills. I pay bills that concern me, but don't handle the finances too often.

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do

12. Who mows the lawn? Lucky for us we have an HOA that does the mowing for us. I just wish they took care of the flower bed too!

13. Who cooks dinner? We both cook together. Since we got married it is one of our favorite things to do. We love getting a new recipe and trying it out. We are pretty dang good cooks. If you don't believe me you should come over for dinner sometime.

14. Who drives? Josh does. Which doesn't make any sense since I am the safer driver, but I just don't like to drive. I always thought it was weird if the wife drove when I was a kid, and I just can't get over it lol.

15. Who admits they are wrong? I end up doing it a lot of the time. Josh can be wrong sometimes and he admits it. I just feel like I end up having to admit I'm wrong more often than he does.

16. Who kissed who first? Josh kissed me. He had dropped me off for the night and just gave me a hug. As I was opening my front door he said "Hey!" I turned around and he just planted one right on me. I was in shock for hours!

17. Who asked out who first? I asked Josh out and then made him pay. It's seriously the way to go. We got lunchables and hiked battle creek falls. We had so much fun and I got to drive his car ;) I love you sweetheart!

18. Who wears the pants? I do for sure! I have my baby wrapped around my finger. I know it, he knows it, and we are ok with that. I don't abuse that power too often, only when I really want something.

I love you Josh! Ok, I think this is fun so I am going to tag a few girls myself. Jamie Tenney, Alisha, Kelsey, Josie and Michelle